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In 2011, an opportunity presented itself to take on the lease of a long term empty derelict shell of a shop.

A year later, and much hard work rebuilding everything, the local council inspection resulted in the issue of our first Pet Shop Licence.

Just over another year later we are still tinkering with the shop which now consists of three rooms. We have a dedicated reptile room with over 60 enclosures, a dark room with a selection of reptiles and inverts, and the main shop where you can find a selection of amphibians and further inverts, along with a selection of more specific pets like squirrels and opossums.

We also have available a range of branded products, and an ever increasing range of cost effective own label items to help care for your pets, along with ranges of glass tanks, wooden and new plastic vivarium’s and hand built tortoise tables.

We have a number of breeding programs including Boas, Royals, Sugar Gliders and Tenrecs so hope to offer even more high quality pets as time passes by.

Pop along to see us at :

Tarantulabarn Exotics
6 Seadown Parade
West Sussex
BN15 9TP
Open Mon-Fri 10 to 5, Sun 11 to 3. 

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Following on from the many successful years breeding and running tarantulabarn.com, we have revamped our online shop to be able to include everything we sell from our shop.

With accounts so you can check on past orders, automatic delivery options, including the ability to book a registered live animal courier to deliver your new pets, Special Delivery for inverts, and next day for equipment.

Discounts are offered for live animal deliveries for animals purchased from our online shop, all priced as part of the checkout so you don’t have any shocks.
Check out the discount groups, as you may be able to get other discounts based on forum memberships or club memberships.

The ability to check and reserve animals due in, and basic onscreen care requirements are just a couple of bespoke customisations we have made to our shop.

Checkout safely on our 256 encrypted SSL pages, indicated by the green padlock in your browser. Our servers are fully PCI DSS compliant and scanned every month by Trustwave to insure constant security.

Registered under the data protection act, you can rest assured that whilst we don’t retain your payment details in any form, those details we use are kept safe and sound.

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For many years now we have arranged trips from the UK to a number of European animal shows.

We have taken feedback from all these trips and now offer a small, personal service, where people are free to make their own plans to meet us in Kent, allowing flexibility for travel plans.
We then take the stress, and whisk you over the channel by train and through a number of countries to arrive at your choice of show. We take care of the entry fees, and often can arrange early entry.

After the show, whilst you relax and maybe snooze, we take you back through the tunnel to Kent.

On longer trips, we also send our fully equipped courier van and arrange an overnight stay in a top class hotel which allows animals in.
Whilst of course you always have responsibility, we help to smooth the customs system, allowing the safe and successful transit of your new pets.

All you need to take is your passport, cash and change of clothes, then zoom off to some of the largest reptile show in Europe.

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Currently closed and undergoing re coding, our forum provides a one stop platform to discus and discover new animals, equipment and techniques.

Areas will be available for different species, general galleries, health advice hobby updates and a whole range of other information.

A great way to learn new things and to get to know others who maybe have experience of the animals you’re interested in.

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It’s not a surprise that over the many years of involvement with exotic pet, we have found many ‘tricks of the trade’.

Some are simple time saving tips, others are cost effective alternative products.

In these days of increased pressure on your income, some prices of tools, foods and other items could prove restrictive.

We have compiled an ever growing range of products that are ‘unbranded’ and not from traditional exotic sources. These are just as good as and sometimes better than other well-known brands, but are available for a fraction of the price.

We hope that by bringing these cost effective products to the market, owners will find they are able to obtain useful items which in turn will help improve the care and welfare of their pets.

Most of our own ‘What’s That?’ brand is available via our online shop, but should you want to see them up close, pop over to our site to see who stocks them locally to you.