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Data Integrity

As at 1st September 2013.

In the course of using this website you may need to provide us with personal information.

This infomation is ONLY used in connection with providing the services you request

We may need to divulge some or all of your personal information to our agents or subcontractors in order that they may provide the service on our behalf.

We may also be required to divulge some or all of your personal information to government agencies such as UK Boarder Agency, HM Customs, Animal Health and the Police forces of countries we travel in.

Prior to September 2013, our use of your personal information was such that our collection and use of your personal data was exempted from notification under the Core Business Use of the Data protection Act 1998.

However, in preparation for forthcoming service enhancements, and as a result of recent Acquisitions, we have made notification to the Information commissioners office and are awaiting draft registration details.

This means that in addition to the actions already taken such as encoding databases, we have to adhere to strict practices when dealing with personal data.

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